About The Game Trade Journal

“And now you know…the rest of the story” 

Paul Harvey

Q: What is The Game Trade Journal?

A: The Game Trade Journal is a trade website that focuses mainly on news about the US video game industry. It covers (but is not limited to)everything from market trends and analysis, company financials, personnel moves, marketing and retailers. GTJ promises to give context beyond the press release whenever it is there to give.

Q: Who is GTJ for?

A: The Game Trade Journal is produced mainly with the industry professional in mind, but is also for anyone who is interested in the video game industry.

Q: What makes GTJ different from the other 2,837 game-related websites out there?

A: The Game Trade Journal is about the business of games, not necessarily the games themselves. You won’t find game-specific information about the latest game in the Haloseries here, but you will read about the marketing campaign leading up to it, any news related to its ship date, and sales data after its release. We will strive to give the angle and analysis on the big stories that no one else is looking at.

Q: Where’s the pre/reviews?

A: There are none. This site is not intended for consumers seeking advice on their buying decisions. However, GTJ writers may make occasional quips in relation to why a game sells well, which often can be attributed to its quality.

Q: I’ve read all over the net that Xbox 720/PlayStation 4/Nintendo’s New System is coming out on July XX, 20XX!! Why isn’t GTJ reporting this?

A: The Game Trade Journal does not report on rumors unless it can verify it through a reliable source.

Q: Who works on GTJ?

A: The site is currently written and edited by Bob Blandeburgo, former editor at the respected trade publication mmWire. He also was news editor at Gamers.com and has been quoted by the Chicago Sun-Times and the Associated Press.